Gestural Surfaces

Gestural Surfaces: Lumitecture by Harry Umen

Gestural Surfaces Gestural Surfaces Gestural Surfaces

Harry Umen has been exploring surface design utilizing the processes of digital dye-sublimation printing for textiles. His archive of over one hundred abstract photo print designs evolved out of his fashion collaborations with New Hampshire apparel designer Laura McCarthy. In 2017 Harry worked with Laura in producing a thematic collection of sixty garments for the benefit fashion show A Walk Out of the Woods, held at the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, New Hampshire.

In Gestural Surfaces Harry presents this imagery in a new form. He draws upon his research and fascination with designed light, and worked with engineer Howard Eglowstein to create a genre of contemporary art and lighting design for architecture referred to as lumitecture.

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The design and installation of LED wall sconces provides a three-dimensional illuminated presentation of his abstractions of flowers, plants, leaves, and trees. His lyrical abstract imagery, influenced by changing spectral color, temperature and brightness, creates an environment of light intended to heighten and modulate sensory experience.

The LED wall sconces combine state-of-the-art electronics and computerized lighting controls with Harry's techniques for embedding imagery into flexible plastic. The result is a mesmerizing display of changing light and perceived visual textures which can be installed just about anywhere.      

Gestural Surfaces Gestural Surfaces Gestural Surfaces Gestural Surfaces